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Jan 29, 2014
12:17 PM
The Chow Down

What's That Wednesday: Horchata Latte

What's That Wednesday: Horchata Latte


The tasty horchata latte is the perfect antidote to this cold snap.


Horchata Latte


Bassett Street Brunch Club
444 W. Johnson St.

How Much

$3.25 for a small, $3.75 for a medium, $4.50 for a large

What’s In It

-House-made horchata
-2 shots of espresso

Why This Dish

This tasty Mexican drink is often served over ice, but when temperatures hit below zero, horchata is best served warm. Although Madison has quite a variety when it comes to restaurants and cuisine, horchata can be surprisingly hard to find. This drink, however, finds its home at Basset Street Brunch Club, which opened last fall. Many dishes served here are Mexican-inspired, and this sweet drink, which mellows out spicier flavors, is a perfect match.

The house-made horchata is easiest to make when prepared in large batches. Before espresso (or alcohol) is added, chefs mix together milk, rice flour, cinnamon and spices to create the delicious drink. Unlike a typical latte, which is made of steamed milk, espresso and a pump of your favorite flavor—a horchata latte simply adds espresso. The hochata itself packs plenty of milk and sweetness. The result is a frothy cup of warm vanilla and coffee topped with a dash of cinnamon. Buy why stop here? For those who can’t get enough, we recommend the Brunch Club’s spiked version. Enjoy.

What's That Wednesday is a series in which we choose a food or drink item from the Madison area and break it down. Have an idea for a tasty drink or dish we should feature? Email or tweet your idea to @gmedquist using the #WhatsThat hashtag.

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