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Apr 26, 2013
03:16 PM

A Whole New (Little) World

A Whole New (Little) World

Can you find the tiny people? That’s the question posed at J. Kinney, Florist on Monroe Street.

Look closely at the shop’s assortment of terrariums and your answer will soon be “yes!” With a variety of plants and charming figurines to choose from, owner Jane’s mini gardens are a world of their own.

After noticing a recent resurgence of the domed gardens—a popular trend in the 1970s—Jane decided she wanted sell some in her shop. “Everything just kind of comes back again,” she notes.

While terrariums can lift spirits in the winter when outdoor plants are simply impossible, they also add cheer to an office, or other indoor space, in the warmer months when outdoor play is preferred, but work must be done.

What works well in a terrarium? Miniature plants, such as cacti, succulents, birds’ nest ferns and selaginella, all grow well and are common choices. The key to healthy growth is grouping compatible plants: cacti varieties, for example, require less watering and wouldn’t pair well with a fern, which tends to require more hydration. Regardless of the plants you choose, domed containers keep moisture locked in, so maintenance is fairly minimal—just water and trim your tiny garden as needed.

Pre-made terrariums can be purchased from J. Kinney, Florist, but for a truly customized piece, consider taking one of the shop’s creative classes. Just bring your container of choice (or, even easier, purchase in store!) to the workshop. Soil is supplied and you’ll get a discount on all additional materials, including plants and accessories. Choose your favorite fairy, gnome or other figure, then add accessories, such as miniature bicycles, homes or patio furniture and you’re on your way to designing a miniature village.

Looking for something a little more natural? Skip the accessories and stick with an assortment of greenery and pebbles. There’s something for all tastes.

J. Kinney, Florist’s first class, a “fairy garden” workshop, takes place Thursday, May 2 from 6–7:30 pm. To register, call 608-255-7500. 

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